26 October 2009

Weekly Dose of Dollhouse
Season 2 Episode 4

We’re back people!!!
And on Season 2 now… actually running on Episode 4 already but I haven’t got the time to review the past 3 episodes but I’ll give a quick preview.

Okay here’s what happened… Dr. Saunders a.k.a. Whisky, found out that she was the number 1 doll in the house and when she got brutally cut by Alpha, Topher imprinted her with the personality of the real Dr. Saunders. Dr. Saunders was an old chap that Alpha killed during his rampage. Whisky then dealt with the dilemma of being an active whilst feeling guilty and enraged by what the company had done to her. So she pulled off this stunt with Topher asking him if all her feelings of hatred for him were real. To which he replied, “no”, he imprinted her to be repulsive of him because Topher likes her and he can’t bear to fall in love with a doll (or so I think…it was not clearly stated what was the relationship). Therefore, Whisky packed her bags and left the dollhouse.
Now about Echo (Eliza Dushku), she’s starting to remember things and Agent Ballard (the FBI who keeps chasing leads about her in Season 1) became her handler. Then things happened along the way like it usually does… engagements then trouble then rescue then Echo saves the day. Yey!
Right… episode 4 now.

So this is all about how Sierra became a doll. Apparently, one of the big VIP guys of the pharmaceutical company called Rosum was obsessed with her. He would buy her little paintings and then eventually lured her to create this big painting for him, and put up a party for her, obviously an elaborate plan to seduce her.

Nolan harassing Priya

But much to his dismay, Priya (Sierra) didn’t fall for it and instead hated his guts. This guy, Nolan, happened to be a neuroleptics expert, abducted Priya a.k.a. Sierra and pumped her with neuroleptics (drugs that alter brain activity making you appear hallucinatory and paranoid and then something else as well) then subsequently rapes her and detained Priya in a mental institution.

At the mental institution

That’s where Topher found her screaming the truth and no one believed her. So she became a doll… Of course, Dewitt would eventually found out the truth and refused to render service for Nolan, who during those months that Sierra was a doll, he requested her numerous times. Each time fulfilling a fantasy he could never get in real life. Although Dewitt already denied his request, the board of the dollhouse commanded Dewitt to do what Nolan wishes…to imprint Sierra and send her to Nolan, forever…

Pictures of Sierra everytime she visits Nolan

This was the first time Topher developed a moral and a conscience that against his will he imprinted Sierra, but unbeknownst to Nolan, Topher imprinted Sierra with her real self 1 year ago before she became a doll; back to the time when she hates Nolan and wanted to kill him. Things happened again and Nolan end up dead with Topher and Boyd, the black dude who was Echo’s previous handler, helping Sierra dispose the body. Things went back to Normal with Sierra and Victor walking away hand in hand.

Nolan dead

Topher cutting up Nolan in pieces

The good thing about this story is that the series value continuity. There was this episode in Season 1 where they let the actives rediscover their fears and Sierra went up to a man and blamed him for everything that happened to her. That man who portrayed Nolan was still the same man who portrayed Nolan in this episode. He was the protagonist in that one time series Invisible Man. Plus, this episode made me think about morals, virtues, and values. Dewitt refused to give in to Nolan’s wishes since he was a kidnapper and a rapist. But this moral standpoint placed Dewitt in a position where her morals were questioned. She also took advantage of one of the dolls (Victor) and repeatedly engaged him as her lover. Due to this circumstance Dewitt was forced to abide by the Dollhouse board of smucks and authorized Topher to imprint Sierra.

Dewitt being forced to abide

Quite complex an episode it is if you’re not really watching this series from the beginning. The characters I mentioned and the events that transpired maybe a bit perplexing to non-viewers. Please refer to my previous posts for enlightenment.

30 September 2009

Directed by Marc Webb
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the love struck Tom and Zooey Deschanel as the elusive Summer

This is a story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love but girl doesn’t.

Tom met Summer at the greeting card company where he works as a greeting card writer while Summer is an assistant to the manager. This was a case of love at first sight, for Tom. Summer is the type of girl who as Morgan Freeman puts it (the story is narrated by Morgan Freeman) a rare quality of a woman who gets 18.4 double takes while just simply riding a bus. In short, she’s the hot girl next door. Tom was just another loser who’s out of her league.

But then, the Smith’s song brought them together. They connected. And wholla … Day 4 of the 500 started.

The movie is chronicled by the day they first met, they first talked, and they first had their day out (as compared to date since they were only “just friends” and the days of the heartbreak after it. Tom and Summer had a lot of things in common and for Tom, Summer is the one; which is not the case for Summer. She was not looking for a relationship or a boyfriend. In fact she doesn’t even believe in love. She just wants to “hang” with Tom, hold hands, pretend to be husband and wife at the appliance store, kiss at the copy room and have shower sex with him. She just wants to be friends… which then led to Tom’s wanting to put a label on it… that started the trouble.

Day 154, Tom admitted to himself he’s in love with Summer and how he loves everything about her. Even hearing the song “She’s Like the Wind” every time he thinks about her.
But then things just changed and she said they have to stop seeing each other. Day 290, Summer left Tom.
Tom had endured the ups and downs of the 500 days of being with and getting over Summer. After realizing that he will never be able to get her back he tried fixing his own life and went after his dream of becoming an architect. He also found out that the reason Summer left him was because for her, he is not the one. She found the one shortly after they broke up and she married him. Echoing to Tom the same sentiments that he has the first time he saw her, saying its fate and destiny. That was Day 488.

Day 500… Tom was in line for a job interview in an architect firm. Sitting across him was a girl who shared the same love for his favorite spot overlooking the city. They banter and Tom was drawn to her. He invites her out for a drink and she declined at first…but then she threw caution to the wind and said yes. Tom introduced himself and she smiled and said her name is Autumn.

Tom smiled… Day 1 of Autumn starts.
Though the plot is very simple, the movie was able to convey the happiness you feel when you’re in love and the sadness of being dumped. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy and occasionally chuckle at the senseless things couples do together that makes simple things memorable. It showed that things will never turn out the way you expect it to. Technically it was not a happy ending since they didn’t end up together, but just showing that after every Summer, Autumn comes next… literally and figuratively.

04 June 2009

Yolanda was in her mother's kitchen playfully picking on all the dishes on the

"Stop that! You're gonna spoil the food", her mother shouted at her.

"Tastes good, ma. You're cooking never changed", she replied and got up from her
chair and gave her mother a warm hug.

"How about you? Have you changed?"

"Whatever do you mean by that, ma?"

"Are you still seeing him?"

Yolanda let go of her mother and slumped back into her chair. She continued
fishing out the good parts of the food with her finger, while her mother waits
impatiently for an answer.

"Yolanda, how old are you now? that's no longer normal. You should know that."

Yolanda just continued picking on the food.

"I've explained this to you a million times already. You're a grown woman now,
you're getting married for goodness sake!", her mother was sounding frustrated.

Then she let out a deep sigh and with a gentle voice, she said, "Yolly, I'm sorry.
I know this is all my fault. Had I been there to guide you properly when you were
young...this, this could never have happened...this, this could never have lasted
this long."

Yolanda was just silent.

"What would happen if Damien finds out? Good gracious, that would be embarassing!", her mother continued.

"He would think that you have a loose screw inside your head."

Yolanda replied, "He loves me."

Her mother was not surprised by that, "I know, that's probably the only reason why he's marrying you."


"Not him, Castro loves me", she silently told herself.

(to be cont..


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